About Me

I am 100rabh or the100rabh or Saurabh, well basically they mean the same.

As a day job I work in a reputed software company. And for the rest of the time I enjoy myself learning

more and having fun with programming. Besides that I also love trekking and photography. Some of

my pics are at Flickr for you to have a look. And my thoughts are there at my personal blog. Since all

these years I did most of the coding in C/C++ I also blog about that experience at http://thecplusplusblog.blogspot.com/ .

More about me at my LinkedIn profile. And yes I do use twitter and generally have conversation with my friends

besides sharing some interesting info that I come across. Follow me at http://twitter.com/the100rabh

One of my pet project is Damn Small Media Player or DSMP which is a 716KB mp3 player to do just

that much. I work on it when I feel like.

Currently I work fulltime as an Android Developer. But when I find time I develop some apps for myself.

You can see my all my Android Apps in Marketplace click here.

You can have a look at my collection of images and some amazing quotes at http://picsnquotes.100rabh.com

I am trying to collect learnings from various sources on Android at http://androidlearnings.100rabh.com/

A list of libraries that I found interesting for Android are at http://androidlibrarylist.100rabh.com/

I have also written a cookbook on using Apache Kafka

If you want to buy this book, please head to your favourite book store for this :)